AT-300A, waterproof walk through metal detector for outdoor use, LED display, 6-12-18 zones options.


Product highlights

* Stable performance,6-12-18 zones options
* Two LED lights bar show threats location on human body
* Extremely high sensitivity to find even tiny threats
* IP55 water proof design
* Sound and light alarm
* Operation way : Remote control.


Outer frame

2210mm(H) x810mm(W)x605mm(D)

Inner frame


Unit weight


Max distance

0.3m at low sensitivity;0.5m at high sensitivity

Remote control transmitter

Metal-detect-door-mainbd,rev120+remote control receiver

Light bar

Long bar,Metal-detect-door -Ledbd,V040
Short bar, Metal-detect-doo-Ledbd,V010

Operation way

Remote control only


With the highest sensibility, it can detect the metal Article as small as the clip.
With the range of 0-100, it can be adjusted the Sensibility easily, pre-set the weight, volume,
size and location in respect of the metal Articles and eliminate the false alarming for the coin, key,
jewelry, leather belt button, etc.

Infrared counting

The intelligent counter can calculate the number of the Passenger flow and the times of alarming.

Detecting areas

Allocation of six mutual over-lapping detecting areas, Simultaneous alarming
from multi-areas and accurately ascertaining the location Of the metal articles according to
the layout of the metal articles.

Operation temperature/Humidity

5C-40C / 0%-90%(non-condensing)

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